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Openexam.in is service (License) and product based online examination software provider.

We provide range of examination software and software services in most affordable prices. Openexam focuses in pay and use business, in simple words we provides complete end-to-end solution for online examination to institute, where we take care of every technical aspect and education institute needs to focus only on Education .


Online Exam

OpenExam provides internet based online exam software. An Institute can purchase a full self owned software to us or they also have choice to purchase number of license they require. By this mean we can serve both the big institute as well as small size institutes.


Online Class Test

OpenExam provides in-class online test. We just collaborate with institute and organize in-class online examination test on-demand. We also provide in-LAB software which can run in an Institute's computer LAB without using internet connection as self-owned software.


License Based Services

To help a very small institute, which cannot afford owned online exam software and cannot bear the maintenance cost, can use our license based services. Here Institute can purchase required number of license yet having the freedom on owned software services.

Our services

We are providing online examination software, which can be customize and can be use for any competitive or class test examinations. We also provides license based services where institute partner will have all the rights as owned software and only needs to pay per license basis. All services and mantinance will be free and handle by us.

Online Exam Software

License Based Shared Software

In-Class Online Test

Maintenance & Solutions

our focus

Online test and other software are the big reality of these day education. And the truth is that in spite of having very experienced and knowledgeable teachers our traditional and small institutes are lacking in providing these facilities and losing their edge to big giant in field commercial educational institutes, and the simple reason of it is scarcity of resources. Here comes the OpenExam, which provides the solutions of all these problems. Our focus is to provide equal opportunity to the last student in small town of India by providing very affordable and quality online exam solutions, which gives them a better preparedness for competitive exams and grows the confidence.


Affordable Software

OpenExam provides affordable and customized online examination softwares which an education Institute purchases as Buy once for always.

Shared Software

If a small size institute or just a startup do not want to own a full software, OpenExam provides per/license services which they can by per student.


Quality Exams

OpenExam focuses most in quality of exams and questions provided are relevant. By taking our exams a student can analyze his/her preparedness.

Your Class Que

In web space there are number of online exam provider, our focus is to provide the test from your class, so that you can relate to your class learning.


In-Class Test

We are aware that even today computer/internet is not in reach of every student, so we provide In-Class online test, help these student to prepare better.

End2End Service

Maintenance of online exam software is a big challenge, OpenExam provides end-2-end support and services, keeps you focused in education only.


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